Ends May 31, 2013 23:05


We’re always excited to find and write about a great contest here at The Freebie Daily. But we’re even more excited to host the contest ourselves! It can take a lot of time to search the web for the best giveaways and sweepstakes to enter. And it can take a lot longer without a powerful and beautiful new laptop computer!

Spring into spring this year by entering our Sony VAIO giveaway. This computer is a serious PC — we’re talking Windows 8, 4GB of RAM, a full 15.5″ of screen space, 320GB of hard drive to store all your pictures, music and movies, a built in webcam so you can keep in touch with family or become a YouTube star, and even more bells and whistles.

Not only that, this great little machine comes in a sleek aluminum shell, and gets amazing consumer reviews. That means you’ll spend less time on the phone with customer service and more time surfing the web!

So take a few seconds to throw your hat in the ring this spring, keep that positive attitude, and cross your fingers for a big laptop surprise!