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How to Win Big in Contests and Sweeps

1.) Make the commitment to yourself 

Schedule at least one hour (preferably more) per day for finding and entering contests. Set a goal for the number of contests you want to enter during that hour. Start with a goal of, say, 25 entries per day. Try that for one week. In week two, try 30 entries per day. Just keep that number growing over time!


2.) Create an e-mail address, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts just for entering contests

Choose a  handle that tells the world you are going to WIN. Examples: JackpotBenjamin, WinningAnnie, GrandPrizePatty


3.) Believe you are going to win 

Meditate on each contest that you enter. Remind yourself that you deserve this prize. And you’re going to win it.


4.) Don’t press your luck. Spread it. 

Winning a contest is like being the recipient of a random act of kindness. The more random acts of kindness you give, the more you will get. The golden rules WORKS. Come on, why not try it?


5.) Be patient

The internet is saturated with contests and sweeps. Accept that while you cannot enter all of them, you can enter enough of them to win. It could take anywhere from six to nine months of consistent entering before you succeed. Don’t be discouraged! Stay the course, and know that you WILL win if you stick to it!


6.) If it’s not working, change your strategy

Maybe you need more than an hour of entering per day. Maybe you’re entering the wrong contests. Examine your current approach, and change it up!


7.) Look for a contest with good odds

If you have time to blindly enter every contest out there, that’s great! You’ll win something eventually. But you’ll be more successful if you think a bit more about what you’re doing from a mathematical perspective.

Odds are better when:

- You can enter more than once during a contest period

- The contest duration is short; think thirty days or less

- The contest is not over-promoted or sponsored by a mega-big company. “Quiet Contests” have a smaller pool of entries, so you’re more likely to win. 


8.) You actually want or will use the offered prize.

Let the person who wants or deserves a lifetime supply of Manwich Sloppy Joe Sauce win it. Maybe that person is you. Be honest: Do you really want or need a lifetime supply of Manwich? Or are you just trying to win something, anything, because you’re so sick of entering things day after day and never EVER winning? The more genuine your desire for the prize is, the more likely it is that you will win. Greed is gross.


9.) Read contest rules carefully

Entering too many times or  in the wrong way could disqualify you from the contest. Indeed, most contest rules are wordy chunks of legalese that are difficult to read. So get good at skimming. Many freebie sites offer contest rules in digest form. While the information they provide is generally correct, it never hurts to double check.


10.) Compile a list of trusted sources for contest and sweeps information

Like a bunch of companies on Facebook. Sign up for tons of mailing lists. Follow  bajillions of companies on Twitter and Instagram.

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